Kids get to join the fun.

The kids get to pedal on a digital scavenger hunt for stamps. Fill out a stamp card a get a free ice cream!


Parents connect to the App

The first step is for parents or whomever is guiding our little groms to connect to the Pedal for Pints app. Visit this page and click the Connect to Strava button.


Create a Stamp Card

Once connected, visit the kids page and create a stamp card.


Find the Cones

You're now ready to head out onto the trail and start hunting for cones. Check out the map to get started.


Scan the Cones

When you find an orange cone, scan the QR code on it with your phones camera.


Get your Ice Cream

Once you have at least 6 stamps, head on down to the Old School Ice Cream Bus, hit the REDEEM button on the stamp card and show the QR code to the folks working at the bus.

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